CashAccount and OpenCAP: A Comparison

High-Level Differences

  • One alias can represent many different cryptos (BTC, BCH, NANO, etc.)
  • Protocol specifies only communication
  • Decentralized
  • Alias format is fully customizable “lane$”
  • Aliases can update the addresses and payment codes they represent
  • Only on BCH (For now, more details below)
  • Protocol specifies communication and storage
  • Decentralized and distributed
  • Alias format is partially customizable “lane#726238”
  • Aliases immutably represent an address (or payment code) and can’t be changed.

Many Coins vs BCH

Communication vs Communication and Storage

Decentralized vs Distributed






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Lane Wagner

Lane Wagner

I love Go and Rust, and I like JavaScript and Python. I’m indiehacking on when I’m not with my wife and daughter.